Food Grade Donuts Boxes

Food Grade Donuts Boxes
  • Food Grade Donuts Boxes
Product name : Food Grade Donuts Boxes
Product No. : 2014414222240
Price : Negotiated
Color : CMYK/ PMS
Dimension : 24.3x17x7.6cm
Material : 300gsm ivory board
Surface Disposal : glossy aqueous
OEM : 
Certificate : 
Lead Time : 7-12 working days according to order quantity
Origin : China
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Food Grade Donuts Boxes
Seeing from the box photo, it is made for 12 pack donuts food. In previous order, it was made for a client from New Zealand; and large order quantity 50,000 piece per design. Material 300gsm food grade ivory board to make donuts packing paper box. Furthermore, there are some other customers looking for donuts packing box with clear window, this way, buyers can see the donuts through the window, and know what's inside and the flavor they need, much convenient to buyer's decision. 
Of course, now that the paper packing box is for donuts, we would like to use food grade material for this project. If you also need plastic film inside the box in order to make sure the box grease proof, that's also acceptable. Grease proof donuts box is available in our factory. One more to be mentioned, such box is foldable, much convenient for shipment; when you put the donuts inside, its also much easy to make box assembled. Collapsible donuts paper box is already much popular in the food world. 
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