Collapsible Box with Magnet

Collapsible Box with Magnet
  • Collapsible Box with Magnet
Product name : Collapsible Box with Magnet
Product No. : 2014427165435
Price : Negotiated
Color : CMYK/ PMS
Dimension : 30x20x8cm
Material : 2.0mm thickness cardboard mounted with 120gsm specialty paper
Surface Disposal : N/A
OEM : 
Certificate : 
Lead Time : 12-15 working days after design confirmation
Origin : China
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Collapsible Box with Magnet Description
Nowadays, people's life is becoming more and more better; and would like to spend more money on luxuries, such as branded watch, bag, clothes, etc. In order to attract more buyers, merchant also think of more ways to handle with this; one the most important thins, they are using more high quality collapsible packing box to increase their package quality; from the outsie, people would think the goods good quality at least. 
1. box material 2.0mm thickness chipboard pasted with 120gsm specialty paper as cover
2. collapsible box size 30x20x8cm; of course, this is acceptable to be made in other sizes
3. this box lid was printed customized logo; gold hot stamp logo box 
4. finish collapsible box also with two magnets on the front flap in order to make box close much easy 
5. sample box lead time 7 days after payment, Paypal, T/T, WESTUNION, etc; sample box in stock is FREE of charge. 
6. collapsible box with magnet bulk order delivery time 12-15 working days after collapsible box design confirmation 
7. in our factory, all box could be customized according to client's requirements; custom collapsible box is acceptable. Please do not hesitate to keep base with us. Our team would provide you with timely reply and support within 24 hours. 
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