Face Mask Packaging Paper Box Manufacturer

Now because of COVID-19 impact, there are huge need of face mask on the market. So it directly leads to the large need of mask packaging paper box. Today we would like to recommend a mask packaging box manufacturer from China. Unico has been in printing and packaging business since 2001, and quite professional to manufacture custom design packaging boxes.
Why do you choose a soft material for mask packaging paper box customization? I believe everyone has some knowledge of cosmetics and medicine boxes. They will find that most of the choices they make are thin to the touch, but they are not as easy to destroy as cardboard bags. In fact, this is the main material of the soft box that everyone is currently familiar with, and this kind of material is generally only 350gsm white cardboard or thick single copper paper. Although it looks very fragile, in fact, these materials are the most popular to manufacture mask paper boxes.
Then some friends will say, 350gsm will be very expensive. Is there a lower price material, but it can meet the production standards of material weight. Of course there are, but in the industry of custom packaging, soft box material cost is much cheaper than the traditional 2 ~ 3 layer packaging box. If you need to reduce the cost again, it is not necessary. This kind of situation will be very low-end.
Now for face mask paper box making, the most important step is to finish the design artwork for printing. Then you can forward to packaging and printing factory. Thereafter designer in the factory would arrange for print template. After printing finish, there is need to add a lamination on the printed mask paper box surface. The laminating film also has a glossy and matte. The soft box materials used in the mask carton are basically based on the glossy lamination. The laminating film can make the printing surface brighter and more eye-catching. The important function is to make the fragile soft box material more resistant. Of course, such glossy lamination also help make mask paper box more durable.
Unico is a leading company in China to manufacture custom artwork printing paper boxes. Of course, that's an easy job for us to help you make such type face mask packaging paper box. If you are looking for such paper box, please feel free to get in touch with us. You will get a prompt reply from our service team with free quote.
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