Molded Pulp Paper Packaging Tray Insert

Pulp Moulded Products is a kind of pulp with a certain concentration, adding an appropriate amount of chemical additives in a molding machine to distribute the fibers uniformly on the surface of the mold by vacuum or pressure, so as to form a wet paper with a predetermined geometry and size. The mold blank is further dewatered and demolded, and the shaped product is dried and shaped. 
Due to the abundant raw material sources and low production costs, pulp molding products will not have white pollution during production and use. The product is light in weight, high in compressive strength, good in cushioning properties and has certain plasticity. It can also be obtained if appropriate amounts of corresponding chemical additives are added Some special properties, so it is widely used in the packaging industry for a subsidy tableware and shock-resistant lined packaging of fresh eggs, fruits, glass, ceramics, electronics and other fragile products, planting seedlings, craft products, medical equipment and mechanical parts Some of the substrates have also tried to switch from plastic products to paper-molded products to eliminate the "white pollution" caused by non-degradable plastic products. According to information, the world ’s pulp molded products output has reached more than 400,000 tons, which shows that the application fields of paper molded products are gradually expanding and China ’s economic integration with other countries in the world is getting closer, which shows that the development of pulp molded products depends on Broad prospects.
Pulp moulding products for general industrial products use recycled wood fiber raw materials, such as waste paper boxes, waste cartons, waste paper trays, waste honeycomb cardboard, etc. It is not necessary to add reinforcing agents, waterproofing agents, and oil repellents during processing And other chemical additives. Wood fiber itself has longer fibers and higher strength, which can meet the requirements of packaging industrial products. The pulp packaging products for food packaging and lunch boxes generally use commercial pulp, such as wood pulp, straw pulp, reed pulp, etc., and chemical additives such as water repellent and oil repellent must be added during processing to make the system. The finished product has certain water and oil resistance performance, and also meets the requirements of relevant sanitary standards.
Pulp molded products are made from waste paper, crushed and formulated into a certain concentration of slurry, vacuum-molded on a special mold, and then dried to form inner liner packaging products of different types and uses. This packaging product, due to its geometric shape in line with the shape of the package, and good protection effects such as shock resistance, impact resistance, anti-static, anti-corrosion, etc., have been tested by various physical indicators, and its performance and efficacy are sufficient to replace and optimize It is used for expanded polystyrene (EPS), PS and PVC packaging products, and has advantages in indicators and functions such as shock resistance, environmental protection, price and antistatic. Widely used in electronics, mechanical parts, industrial instruments, electrical tools, computers, home appliances, glass, ceramics and agricultural products and other industries lined with packaging. The main products are electric fans, televisions, telephones, mobile phones, game consoles, toasters, rice cookers, computer accessories, ceramic tea sets, electric irons, lighting, health products, electronic components, and other shock-absorbing packaging, which is sufficient to replace traditional Expanded polystyrene (commonly known as white styrofoam EPS).
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