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The Chinese invented cardboard in the 1600s. The Englishman adopted the invention and in 1817 made the first commercial cardboard box. Pleated paper is an early form of corrugated cardboard that was originally used as a lining for men's hats. By the 1870s, corrugated cardboard had provided cushioning for delicate glassware during transportation. A stronger lining corrugated cardboard appeared. Americans Robert Gair produced the first truly efficient cardboard box in 1879. His die-cut and scratched cardboard boxes can be placed flat and then easily folded. Subsequent improvements have been made to replace cardboard boxes and crates that are labor intensive and take up a lot of space and weight. Since then, cartons have been widely appreciated for their sturdiness, light weight, low cost and recyclability.
Over the years, children have felt the inherent possibilities of cartons and recycled them into countless toys. Strength, light weight and easy access make the cartons industrially successful, making them endlessly suitable for children to play creative games. The shoe box is ideal for scenes and diorama. The small box acts as a doll house furniture. The wheels pulled out on the side turn the box into a car. Large boxes (including washing machines, stoves, large-screen TVs or refrigerators) can provide greater opportunities for children to create. With just a little imagination, these boxes can be turned into fortresses or houses, spaceships or submarines, castles or caves. In a large carton, a child is transported to his own world, where everything is possible.
It’s the truth: packaging means a lot. We handle graphic design, dielines and proofing for smart merchandising and happiness.
Quality toy packaging is essential for quality toys, so once we lock in the concept of toys, we begin packaging design. We can handle all graphic designs according to your assets and direction, or your designers can use them, we will provide templates and enjoyable support.
6 steps for retail and collector packaging
1. conceptualization
2. Size and volumetric efficiency for sustainability - reducing material usage and considering environmental impact
3. Prototype mold and construction
4. Graphic design (if your team is working on this issue, we will provide a clean template with all the necessary elements)
5. Proofing/final sampling
6. Finishing and packaging protection during transportation
Fan Favorite Packaging Styles
The popular packaging formats we use include: window boxes, card boxes, blister cards, flip covers, plastic bags, tin gift boxes and acrylic display cases.
Each package has its advantages - some are favored by collectors, while others are more suitable for gifts on retail shelves or trade shows. Some packaging styles are more suitable for environmental sustainability or to reduce shipping costs. We also like to try new materials and new structures.
Toys box in the image is window box, which also contains a plastic handle on the top. In supermarket, children can choose their favorite toys, and using this style toys box, it's easy for children to take it home. Through the clear plastic window, they can see what's inside, and no need to open the corrugated packaging box any more. This way it's helpful to protect toys inside from dirt. Such window box style toys packaging box is much popular.

In Unico, that's possible to make every single box with your logo and artwork printing. We create the die cutting template for each toy, and we will develop it with your branding & specifications in mind. Welcome to contact us for your project.
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