Luxury Round Cardboard Gift Box Review from Italian Customer

                                                                                           ------28th, Sept. 2018

Cylinder Shape Luxury Cardboard Gift Box with Lid, Two Pieces Setup Gift Box
This is a customer made offset color printing round gift box for Italian customer. As customer's requests, this box is composed by 3 parts, lid+ bottom + middle shoulder, material thickness in 1500gsm, both inside and outside with white offset paper, no lamination. LOGO on the lid with offset printing, gold colors parts are gold hot stamping circles. Finally such two pieces setup gift box project was finished in our company perfectly. When customer received them, they also much happy with the quality. 

Minimun order quantity of such round gift box is 1,000 pieces in our company. It can be made with your requests, such as material, print colors, dimensions, surface disposal, etc. No matter what you need, please feel free to discuss with our sales. If they can not know the answers, they will also ask our technicians for help. In our company, we have five professional and experienced technicians to make cost calculation, and offer advice to customers. As a result, what come out in the end for customers are much perfect. 
Noted from customer Elisa, there would be more potential orders come out to us. And she will discuss with end user on this project. Dated back the 1st inquiry letter, we received three sized round box to be quoted, and each quantity over 10,000 pieces, and largest one with quantity 3,000 pieces. It's certain some day customer would confirm the bulk order of round cardboard gift box with us. 
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