Fresh Fruit Corrugated Packaging Box

Corrugated provides a safe and hygienic packaging system as it is used only once, before being recycled. The recycling process involves sufficiently high temperatures and the application of steam, conditions under which no bacteria can survive.
Consumers can also rest safe in the knowledge that they are using a renewable material and that over 80% of corrugated is recycled in the China, the highest recycling rate for any packaging material.
Unico has previously engaged with major national retailers recognising the opportunities for corrugated as an alternative to plastic crates for home delivery services, or as an insert or liner which can sit inside an existing tray.
Recent research, commissioned by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO), found that corrugated trays offer an effective, hygienic solution, reducing the risk of contamination during delivery of fresh produce, extending the shelf life by up to three more days, compared to plastic crates.  
Single-use corrugated offers a clean and safe option for home deliveries. The paper packaging industry stands ready to work in partnership with retailers to ensure that their supply chains meet the standards that the customer expects.
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