UK Packaging Awards 2016 | Winner: Innovation of the Year

The UK Packaging Awards 2016 winners and highly commended as announced during the glittering Grosvenor House Hotel ceremony last night (27 Oct).

Innovation of the Year

Mini Nom Noms by Graphic Packaging International 

Nom Nom’s World Foods are a new brand wanting to revolutionise the chilled ready meal market by introducing healthy, tasty international cuisines which are available in two sizes, suitable for the whole family. GPI was set the challenge to create an eye catching and easy to use multi-compartment carton that created a food experience for the consumer no matter what their age!
The packaging is hand packed so GPI’s Technical Design team developed the three compartment pack as a one piece double tuck end tablock skillet which is hinged in the middle and opens out to reveal two halves each with compartments to hold the food products.
The compartments include fold back tabs to help securely hold the food product trays in place. The pack is secured with a tablock carton clasp for tamper evidence and visual appeal. The shape of the pack was designed to minimise waste space and be easy to ship for online orders, whilst still looking striking when on a store shelf. The cleverly designed net can be glued in one pass.
The brand plays on global food trend and link the theme of a travel related journey with food eating. It is a niche product aimed at parents who want to introduce their children to global food flavours in a fun way. Striking brand design is entertaining and educational; encouraging the child to expand its tastes and take them on a food journey. All external faces of the pack are used to ensure maximum brand shelf appeal.
The brand promotes it’s convenience to the consumer with no preparation needed, just heat and serve within a few minutes, then enjoy. The Plastic trays can be easily removed from compartments for microwave heating. They can then be placed back into the attractive pack to be served.
“Great design, recyclable and fun. A perfect marriage of design and structure that also creates an occasion.”

Highly Commended
Aperture Irremovable Cap by Aperture

Cap closures in production and in use to date, are designed to re-open after being attached to a container.
The significance of Aperture Irremovable Cap closure is that once fastened to a container, the closure cannot be re-opened, detached or removed.
Irremovable closures provide a very simple solution to secure and control the use of chemicals whether using dispensing systems or single containers. More importantly, the customer will identify and have confidence in the knowledge of greatly reduced chemical consumption in conjunction with reduced cost.
Generally with chemicals used in Laundry, Cleaning, Pesticides, and Lubricants etc., the chemicals are packaged in dispensing containers such as Drums. The majority of these containers are used with controlled dispensing equipment to efficiently dispense the liquid but yet the container is designed to facilitate the method of pouring not the method of controlled dispensing.Generally container and dispenser combinations do not provide for the acceptance of “universal” tube vacuum dispensing devices and if so they are complex and expensive to use.
Exterior dispensing devices on the market are limited. They are rigid in design and are not adaptable or flexible in length and range. They are sold separately from the container and the value relates to the number of possible uses and accessibility.The Irremovable cap closure invention provides a universal simple solution to the dispensing of liquids that need to be extracted from containers in controlled quantities.
It can be readily and securely be adapted for the acceptance of universal tube dispensing devices.The aperture closure allows a tube to be inserted through its aperture to extract the liquid contents from within a container. It maintains the validity and secures the commercial value of liquids for concentrated dilution systems.
“The benefits of having something so simple negate the need for additional components and caps. Tamper proof is an excellent example of K.I.S.S.”

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